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Grand Pacific Hotel

The Grand Pacific Hotel, which was built between 1830 and 1840, is believed to be the oldest commercial structure still standing in both Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township.

Originally located on Lewis Road, it was built as a girls' seminary. It was moved across the river to its present location in 1858, thirteen years before Bagley Road existed. Large buildings were moved across rivers and lakes in the winter when the solid ice could support the weight of the building and the logs it rolled on.

The first proprietor of an inn in the building was Thomas Brown, who christened it with the grandiose name "The Grand Pacific Hotel." Square dances were held on the third floor for several years. In the years that followed, the hotel had many proprietors and names. One of these names was Hotel DeCarpenter, after William S. Carpenter, who had purchased the hotel in 1860. Under his ownership the hotel boasted a triple-A rating in the unwritten stopover guide used by hobos, bums and freight hoppers, with 420 transients checking into the hotel in just six short months between October 1874 and April 1875. During that time, the Chamber of Commerce, trying to attract new settlers to the area, had granted one night's lodging at the hotel and one free meal to any transient who applied at the clerk's office. This much-abused hospitable gesture was brought to a halt. By 1876, Carpenter had managed to net a small profit from his hotel career by throwing a masked ball in the third-floor ballroom.

The hotel, which had become a hardware store in 1888, closed its doors in the mid-1970's. The group of buildings on the site fell into disuse, but remained intact. Interest in the building began in the mid-1970's when The Grand Pacific Hotel was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. However, it was not until 1989 that Clint Williams, a longtime Olmsted Falls resident and successful real estate entrepreneur, purchased the entire site with the intent of restoring the buildings and making it again a vital, bustling commercial area. 

Today, the Grand Pacific Hotel is being used as a banquet facility as it awaits it's next role in the history of Olmsted Falls. 


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